Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Genealogy for Youth

Family history is often considered a hobby for the elderly. I've never understood why. I was interested in genealogy at a young age. At 16 I went into my local family history center on my own to see what I could find. And at 16 I was hooked. But I mostly had to figure it all out on my own.

Me at the age I became interested in genealogy
This blog operates on the assumption that there are teens and twenty-somethings out there who are already interested in genealogy. It's easy to love and they don't need to be convinced. They just need support.

Most family history resources are not aimed at young people. Youth don't need help logging in to a website; they need help developing research skills! And they need a place to find each other.

I would love for this blog to be a place where youth can come to find other people their age that are interested in genealogy. They are out there! I would love to have young genealogists contribute to this blog. Articles, personal experiences, whatever. Family history is exciting work and the next generation is ready to take over.

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