Wednesday, August 27, 2014 family history videos for youth

Below I've posted three amazing videos that I found on the youth family history page. Using these three easy steps anyone can start their family history.

1. Discover your story
This is such an important step and so many people skip it! Start your family history with your closest relatives and work your way back. More records are available every day, but memories disappear faster than you think! There's a booklet available online or in print to guide you through gathering stories.

2. Explore your family tree
Everyone I've seen do this loves it. I highly recommend looking up some of the places your ancestors lived and their last names on the internet. There may be books written about your ancestors or they may have been part of some big historical event. I recently found out from a book that I found on Google that one of my ancestors fought in the War of 1812.

3. Find and serve your ancestors
This is the last step because it never ends! You can keep doing this for your whole life and you will be blessed for it.

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