Sunday, February 15, 2015

Leaders leading by example

Genealogy is contagious. People who are actively involved in genealogy are always looking for someone to talk to about it. Youth leaders who aren't engaged in genealogy and family history work will have nothing to say. 

It only takes an hour to get started (or half an hour for the woman in the video below). As soon as the leaders start their own family history work they will want to teach the youth about it. 

It doesn't take much to jump-start the leader's interest. For example, in my ward we had a quick family history training for the youth leaders a few weeks ago. They came to the family history center during Sunday school hour at church. There was no formal instruction; they helped each other. Some knew more and some knew less but everyone found something to do. Since then every leader that attended the class has worked on their family history at home without any prompting from the teacher.

The youth will learn best from their leaders because their leaders know and love them. Youth leaders who start doing their own family history will be able to set an example and teach the youth more effectively.

One more thing: The youth should be the focus at Mutual and during Sunday lessons. Leaders can do their own family history on their own time. 

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