Sunday, March 22, 2015 The FamilySearch Facebook crossover you've been waiting for

Don't you wish you could use Facebook for family history? You can! brings Facebook and FamilySearch together. You can also invite family members to join your tree through e-mail or Google+. You can then use the tree to collect and share family memories on your own private site and with your family on Facebook (if you want). If you're a FamilySearch user choose "Log In" instead of "Sign Up" to build your tree automatically.

This site is a great alternative to the memories section of FamilySearch for remembering your living relatives (although it's a good idea to add memories there too). Because living people are private on FamilySearch, usually you are the only one who can see the memories you add there. That's great because those memories are securely preserved, but if you want to share them is the place to go.

Unfortunately, this website is still in the beginning stages and I've had a little trouble editing the tree and getting some of my family connected with their Facebook accounts. I'm sure the developers will work those things out soon.

MyHeritage also has family websites that are available by invitation only and have photo-sharing capabilities. MyHeritage doesn't interact with Facebook or with FamilySearch, but you could upload your tree and then invite your family by e-mail. 

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